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Lesson Two: Make Your Goals SMART (Part 1 of 2)

You’re pretty smart already, if you have a goal in mind! Now, it’s time to make that goal SMART. By that, I mean:


S-M-A-R-T goals!

Let’s look at each part.


The easiest way to make your goal specific are to ask yourself these six questions: Who is involved? What do you want to achieve? Why do you want to do this? When do you want to do this? Where do you want this to happen? How do you plan to get this done? (We’ll come back to this in Lesson Four!)


It’s time to decide how you’re going to measure your goals. If your goal is live a healthy lifestyle, you may want to decide how many times you workout each week and for how long, if you are eating certain foods each day, and so on.

I will measure my goal by the number of blog posts I write and publish each week. To hold myself accountable and make sure that I post consistently (and that the posts reach you!), I will also set out when I need to get my drafts done, and schedule social media.

Today's actionable task: make your goal specific and measurable

Start filling out this worksheet, and we will finish A-R-T in the next lesson!


Make your goal a work of ART

Sorry, I just couldn't resist the pun! But yes, just as an artist has a vision for his artwork, so do you for your goal. Click below to make that vision clear.