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The Myth of Perfection (and How You Can Overcome It)

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Perfection is a term we’ve tossed around for millennia. We strive to look and feel perfect because, in a way, we want to be perfect.

Whether we desire perfection for our business or our personal lives, there is something about making everything just right.

 Whether we desire perfection for our business or personal lives, there is something about making everything just right. But perfection is a myth, and one you should overcome if you want to achieve your goals. Learn how to do just that in this blog post on Alicia Grace Co.

Last year, I opened a business. I wanted to help people organize their homes. I wanted others to feel a sense of power and control in their daily lives, but I soon realized it wasn’t sustainable. I was the one organizing the spaces for my clients when it should have been the other way around. It didn’t make sense.

I quickly gave up my dream of owning my own business. I needed to bring in an income so I started looking for 9-5 opportunities again.

Over the course of that year, the idea of running my business kept prodding and pushing me. I wanted to pick it up and work on it again, but I didn’t know how to start.

I started and I failed. That’s it, I’m done, I told myself.

Fast forward, and here I am working on my business again.

The website is done, my client materials are almost finished, and now I’m in a completely new place I did not anticipate, yet I find myself scared. Again.

Scared of starting over. Scared of failing.

Then it hit me. I’m afraid to launch my business because it’s my idea. If it’s not what I think to be 100% ready, I don’t want anybody else seeing it. It’s ok if I judge my work, but I don’t want to leave it open to the scrutiny of others.

That’s what we do. We make something and are scared to put it out into the world.

I want others to be inspired and excited like I am, but the anticipation of sharing it only for them to see it as imperfect gives me anxiety.

Now, think about imperfection.

Imperfection allows us the unique opportunity to learn. Nobody survives perfection, but everyone benefits from imperfection.

If we were perfect, nothing would ever be good enough. Imperfection serves up the gift of growth, of new ideas and all sorts of possibilities.

Some of the best ideas are not original; they improve upon ideas that came before them. That isn’t because the new ideas are cheap, they provide a new way of looking at the same problem.

That’s the definition of progress.

As creatives, that’s what we do. We see problems and pursue a better way to approach them.

If we approached those problems aiming for perfection, we may never be able to solve another problem again.

When we start filtering everything through the eyes of perfection, we never seem to get there. We start to nitpick and criticize things we put a lot of work into.

Instead of unveiling our dreams, we isolate ourselves. Sometimes, we never share what we create because perfection is too far for us to reach.

Perfection doesn’t get to stop you from pursuing what you want to do. Perfection is a jealous master and it will never allow you the chance to progress. It will continue to keep you from ideas and opportunities you want to pursue.

For me, perfection no longer exists. If it did, I would never start anything.

Like all artists, our work is never done, and I think that is an ongoing battle of the creative.

Whatever tomorrow tells you not to do, today is begging you to do it.

To get out there. To say “this is me and this is what I have to offer.”

Have you ever run into a block because of the idea of perfection? How did you handle it?

About the Author: Melanie Scroggins
 About the author: Melanie Scroggins

Hey, I’m Melanie – the owner and creator of Mine Space. I’m from a small town in Texas but I currently live on the coast of Oregon in an RV with my husband and two fur babies. At Mine Space, my goal is to educate, empower, and encourage others to live a more simplified life. I truly believe that with less, you can do more.

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