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How To Juggle Multiple Tasks: Practical Methods to Implement

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The modern landscape of working as an independent entrepreneur necessitates the need for juggling multiple small tasks on a regular basis. Whether your tasks are of diverse nature, or are simply fragments of one single project, making sure you get to tick each task off your list at the end of each day can be quite a menace. Add to that the impediments such as distractions and procrastination, and you're always left with a pile of leftover work that you never seem to be able to crack down on.


The solution to this problem mainly rests on two pillars - planning and delegation, and every productivity hack you'll ever learn with respect to this is related to this two-step process. The obligatory simplicity of its contents makes the promise of entrepreneurial success. Let's break them down into more detailed steps down below:

Have a system in place

The first and most important step in the planning process is having a structure to your work mechanism. Carefully planning each action ahead will help you micromanage your tasks with a much higher efficiency. Sticking to a routine, in which you know exactly when you do certain kinds of tasks during the day (leaving room for contingencies of course), also sets in motion an automated process. And as you'll often find, lots of smaller tasks don't need much deliberation and can be done almost automatically, like filing your documents, checking and answering emails, etc.

Make detailed plans

You might have heard this very often and rightly so. It is crucial to the successful completion of ANY task, small or big, to plan them in the most detailed manner possible, with timelines attached. Making vague plans like writing "Must do this" on your to-do is better than no plan at all. You should be able to quantify your tasks and goals in numbers. The same or similar strategies are a vital part of every successful individual's daily routine. This is the way to maintain the goal of utmost performance within your mind at a constant frequency.

Use planners and other helpful accessories

Using the right tools like planners, timers, sticky tags, etc. help keep your task list sorted, keep track of your progress and save you a lot of time. When juggling multiple smaller tasks instead of one big task, it is fairly easy to get confused and lost in the commotion. In turn, this potential confusion hinders your much-needed focus and determination, thus massively reducing the productive quality. The right accessories are not just helpful, they're absolutely essential to both the planning and the execution process of your work.

Use Pomodoro technique

This technique recommends the use of a timer set to (usually) 25-min blocks of time to complete individual tasks. This is a great productivity enhancer because the idea of time literally passing by makes you focus completely on the task and eliminate distractions. It also ensures your commitment to each task individually instead of multitasking, which can more often than not greatly hamper your productivity. Prolonged utilization of this performance technique results in unparalleled efficiency at completing individual assignments. 

Categorize and prioritize

Not all tasks are equally important. Categorize them into MITs ('most important tasks' of the day) and the rest, prioritizing the MITs and doing them first. Doing the least desirable tasks also helps with more effective goal-achievement, by letting you save preferred work for the remainder of your performance hours. The evident result of this strategy implies increased productivity and work quality in situations where it usually recedes.


Hire a VA

The part about delegation. Know when you need help and accept it. You're not invincible and having a team is often more helpful than being a lone warrior. If you can't afford an office assistant straightaway (or don't have the office space), virtual assistants and remote employees are a convenient option. Besides having a helping hand, having an assistant will also help with your people skills, which are essential for success at whatever you do in life. If you plan on eventually expanding your business, this is a great way to grow the root of your employee tree. Business owners that start this way often make the right hiring choices almost from the very beginning.

Juggling multiple tasks is a simple enough challenge when you have the right plan to guide you and the right tools to execute it. At this point, you've officially been introduced to the duo of success. All of the required organizational effort, simplified into but two factors. Get both these things right and you'll be well on your way to a productive nirvana!

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