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Gift Guide: 23 Valentine's Day Gifts For Planner Girls and Stationery Lovers

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so here is a Gift Guide for that special stationery lover or planner girl in your life. Ladies, it may just be a subtle enough hint to send this list over to him... ahem.

1. Pencil case

Why not get her this adorable pencil case to bring her favourite pens and pencils out and about with her?

2. Signature Pens by Pen Gems

Baby pink ,  pink sapphire , and  ruby red  Signature Pens by PenGems

Baby pink, pink sapphire, and ruby red Signature Pens by PenGems

The next step is, of course, to fill her new pencil case with these gorgeous pens! These pens come with an extra refill too, so she can use them to write to her heart's delight.

3. Glitter heart stickers

Because who can say no to glitter stickers?

4. Love letters in a jar

The perfect combination of sweet and romantic, this is this perfect way to tell her why you love her without writing a long love letter. It will also look adorable on her desk.

5. Personalised monogram paper clip

With clips being in constant use by all planner girls, this cute personalised monogram heart paper clip is the perfect little reminder of your love and relationship.

6. Notepad

She will appreciate this notepad to write down her thoughts. If you want to make it super special, write her a love letter on the first page, and let her be surprised when she sees it.

7. Valentine's Day sticker set

Even though this is technically a Valentine's Day set, there's no reason why she can't use this all year round, especially for your special date nights. As a lover of pink myself, I can attest that cute pink stickers are always welcome.

8. Dating journal

If you have been dating for a little while, you might want to consider this fun dating journal. If you really want to impress her, fill it with some of your favourite moments, both big and small.

9. Scented cupcake stickers

Getting her stickers will make her swoon, but scented stickers is stepping up your game to a whole new level.

10. Origami hearts writing set

If she has lots of pen pals and loves to write, this is the perfect gift for her. Who knows - she may write you something sweet with it!

11. Manicure set

Most planner girls love taking pictures of their planners and sharing them online, and it's always nice to share a picture with your nails looking on point and matching your planner. These manicure set with two shades of pink nail polish and nail care products will make sure her hands look picture-ready.

12. Instax instant camera

This adorable camera will capture your special memories together and print them out immediately so that she can cherish them forever.

13. Personalised photo collection

This is the ultimate personalised gift that will melt her heart. Send pictures of your favourite memories together, and Minted will make them into a beautiful collage for you. Also, there's gold foil!

If you want to DIY this, you can print out your pictures at home and glue them to a large card and frame it up!

14. Large tote bag

This adorable shopping bag will make her feel bright, bold, and loved as she hunts down her favourite planning and stationery supplies.

15. Planner tassel

Planners + accessories = yes. 'Nuff said.

16. Floral zip pouch

She will definitely appreciate this cute floral pouch, whether she uses it to keep her planners safe, or to store her stationery stash.

17. Cute porcelain dish

Herbie the happy heart porcelain dish will be a fun, kawaii addition to her desk!

18. Heart scarf

Keep her warm with this light scarf that can carry her into spring. If you don't want to get too obvious with the hearts, there's a lovely floral scarf as well.

19. Crimson heart umbrella

Let her know you care about her even when it rains with this heart-shaped umbrella that's sure to liven up any gloomy rainy day.

20. Washi tape dispenser

Be sure to pair this with washi tape as well! Even if she already has a collection, more washi tape is always a good thing.

21. Planner subscription kit


Planner Society Kit / Photo by Christy Tomlinson

The planner community's answer to magazine subscriptions, only better. Planner subscription boxes come with all sorts of fun goodies. This particular one is by The Planner Society, but there are a few others out there, including the Brimbles Box in the UK.

22. Gift bag

You've got to put your Valentine's Day presents in something! With a gift bag as pretty as this, she will probably use to bag to make dividers or dashboards as a reminder of the thought you put into her gift.

23. Gift box with love

If you're going all out with the gifts this year, why not use a lovely gift box that she can reuse to keep her planner supplies?


Whatever you choose to do this Valentine's Day, remember that it's the thought that counts! What's most important is showing how much you love her. Love lasts all year round, but as cheesy as it is, Valentine's Day is a great time to show her just how much you care, and whatever you do, make sure that saying 'I love you' is part of your plan.

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