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Feature Friday: Plan With Me by Melissa of CharmedPlanner

Feature Friday, Plan With MeMelissa (CharmedPlanner)Comment

Hello ladies! I was so excited to be asked to be a part of the Openquote Designs journey! Alicia is such an awesome planner girl boss, so when I was asked to do a plan with me session for her new blog, of course I said yes.

Let me introduce myself before we get started! My name is Melissa I’m 27 years old, and I’m living a quiet and ‘normal’ life with my lovey. But most of you might know me as CharmedPlanner on Instagram. I have loved planning ever since I was little, and I still remember the excitement of receiving that cute school planner we got each year.

So, let’s get this plan with me going, shall we!

What I like to do first before even beginning to plan is to gather a list of things I know I will be doing for sure. That way when I sit down to jot everything down I’m almost sure I won’t miss anything.

The fun part is to decide what planner to use! For me I’m currently obsessed with my rose gold Kate Spade agenda. It’s a personal size planner with horizontal layout inserts with a Monday start. I don’t really use themes, but I do like to stick with variety of colors that match, and that’s when I decide what washi tape and stickers will be used.

Following that, I just lay down the washi tape and stickers where I need to insert either to-do lists or reminders. Once all that is set and done, the actual planning follows. I try to divide the horizontal space and place reminders on the left, and notes and to-do on the right. That way there is some kind of structure to my layout and it’s easier for my eye to visually see what needs to be done. Once I’m all done with the planning portion, I just insert the pages back into my planner and add a few personal touches such as paperclips, tassels or charms. It all depends on your personal preference! Planning should be fun, creative, and most of all, stress free. Let your imagination flow! It’s all in having fun and ultimately, doing what works for you!

Ladies, I hope this was helpful and that you can incorporate some tips into your planner. Let’s stay connected! Follow me @charmedplanner on Instagram, and if you are a video kind of gal, check out my YouTube channel for some plan with me videos at Charmed Planner!