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Quick Tip: DIY Keyboard Stickers [Tutorial]

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I use my computer a lot, and even though I do my best to take care of it, my keyboard does show some sign of wear. It's not particularly noticeable, but my computer is like my baby, and I really want to keep it looking nice.

One option for this is to get a keyboard protector, which I have, but mine is a little thick and makes it hard for me to type, so I don't use it. The other option is to get keyboard stickers, but I didn't see designs I liked.

So, what was I supposed to do?

Just before the weekend, I saw someone in a lecture with sticky tabs on the sides of her computer. Good idea, I thought: it's a great way to keep them handy while out and about. (I just saw someone else doing this today, so maybe it's a popular thing that I just hadn't discovered!)


Then I realised that they could go on my keyboard instead of just on the sides!


As you can see, sticky tabs are a pretty good size, and these neon tabs that I have are pretty sticky. I have been using this since last week, and the tab has survived being repositioned and adjusted, so I am happy to say that this little hack works! You can always cut the tab easily so that it fits onto individual keys. I was most concerned with the spacebar as that has seen the most wear, but I may do it for the others when I have a bit more free time!


And there you have it! A neat little hack to protect your keyboard.

Have any tips that you would like to share? Leave a comment below or shoot me a message!