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Feature Friday: Plan With Me by Julia (PocketfulofDIY)

Julia (pocketfulofdiy)Comment

Hiii there! I’m Julia, aka PocketfulofDIY on Instagram and Youtube! I have an Etsy sticker shop with all ORIGINAL art. I never purchase clipart! SO anyways, Alicia asked me to be a guest blogger this week and I’m so excited! I’ve never had a blog or even tried blogging before, but English is one of my favourite subjects in school (yes I’m still in school) so I thought i’d give it a go!

So this week, I’m showing you guys how I plan without stickers! You definitely do not 102149734832 stickers to plan creatively. Sure, they’re nice and they’re really fun, but there are other ways to be creative! Here I have my rose gold Kate Spade Wellesley, which I use for my black inserts. Yes black. I love to letter, I’ve been doing it and working on it since I was 15 so... a year, hahaha!

First things first (I’m the realest), the paper is just plain black cardstock from Michael’s but you can also purchase some from Amazon and a lot of other places, I’m sure. I also use a Sakura Gelly Roll to write everything, but you can go ahead and use whatever brand, colour, type of pen/marker you like!


You can see that I’ve rounded the corners; that’s just personal preference and I’m obsessed with rounding all the corners of everything. To start off, I either use washi to section off the days, or just use my pen and write in the days of the week to section them off.

From here it’s quite simple; I just go through each day and put down what I need to do/what’s happening! I like to add doodles, too. I also think it’s a good idea to leave some space in case something does pop up.

And that’s it! Finito! I love how every week looks different and I get total creative freedom with a blank new canvas every week. Be sure to follow me on my Instagram if you like this style of planning—I post my spreads every week! And I will be posting Plan With We videos in this planner/with the back inserts on my Youtube channel soon! Thank you so much for following along! <3