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Tutorial: How To Print Your Planner Sheets (4 Easy Steps!)

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Hello lovelies! If you've bought printable planner inserts, here's a guide to help make your printing smooth sailing and bring beautiful pages from your computer to your planner.

For this tutorial, I am using Preview on my Macbook on printable inserts from my shop. The steps should generally be the same for any computer and most printables. If you have a PC, you may need to download Adobe Reader (free).

Step 1 - this one is easy

This one is easy. Simply open the file, and open up the file settings! (File > Print...)

Step 2 - time to tweak the settings

Make sure that your Paper Size is set to A4, or the size of your paper (another common one is US Letter). Be sure to check this, as my computer defaults to US Letter even though I have never used that size! My printer doesn't print two-sided but if yours does, you may want to select that.

Step 3 - the most important part

This step is very easy, but also the most important! Make sure that your settings are set to 'Scale' and '100%'.

Step 4: PRINT!

Yes, that's all there is to it! Now you're free to admire your new planner inserts, and print out as many copies as you need. Enjoy!

Want to print A4 files in A5?

If you've got an A4 file and want to print it in A5, there's just one extra step.

Just go to Layout and select 2 'Pages per Sheet', and you're set to go!