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Openquote Designs focuses on helping you live life inspired so that each day is a step closer to achieving your dreams.

The planners are designed to suit your needs, and there is plenty of space to dedicate to what matters most to you, or decorate the timeless pages to your heart's content.

Many of the designs have variations so that you can choose what is best for you, and even choose a different layout for each day. There is, after all, nothing ordinary and routine in chasing your dreams, so you deserve a versatile planner that adapts to your changing needs.

All about ease and sustainability

All designs have been created with ease and sustainability in mind. The lines are clean and just heavy enough to provide a guide for you without getting in the way of your planning and creativity, or using too much ink. Inserts are made as flexible as possible so that you only have to print what you want without those annoying pages that only add weight to your bag.

You can find a tutorial on how to print your planner pages here.


Openquote Designs was born in the summer of 2012 out of a desire to create. As someone just starting out in business, I realised that I wanted to help others through that process, and I focused on providing fun, yet professional, designs to help expand small businesses. What I love most about this is knowing that my designs are helping people connect. It's a pretty wonderful feeling.

My aspirations for Openquote Designs was then put on hold for a little while until early 2015, when I discovered the planning world, which just felt right, both personally and for Openquote Designs. It combines my desire to stay organised and on top of my game with my love for good design and helping others achieve their goals. Nothing puts a smile on my face like knowing that the designs I have created and put effort into have made you happy.

About me

I’m Alicia, a child of God living each day by His grace.

I am reading Law in the University of Cambridge, and enjoying every moment of it. One of my favourite parts of studying there is the beautiful scenery (yes, the picture here was taken in the Netherlands, not Cambridge - oops!), and the intellectual stimulation each day. The reading lists keep growing, and essays keep coming. Having lots of exciting new projects for Openquote Designs gives me even more motivation to wake up on cold winter mornings when I'm a born-and-bred tropical weather girl!

My personal-sized planner and iPhone help me to keep on top of my schedule and ensure I don't go into the wrong lecture hall, and I have a lovely black Moleskin journal with unlined pages to keep track of my Cambridge adventures and all of my biggest and wildest dreams. Planning has kept me sane as it helps me stay organised while providing a creative outlet during some much-needed downtime. Due to medical issues, it is getting harder for me to write by hand, so I am making the most of what I have today, and enjoying the experience of writing and doodling.

My life has been filled with many ups and downs, and they have all contributed to who I am today. I know the importance of living life to the fullest, and as I chase my own dreams, I hope that I can help others follow their heart and reach their goals. The road may not be smooth or easy, but we will get there together (with planning, of course!).

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